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The Science of Transformation™
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Karen is a leader in the fields of Intuitive Sciences and Vibrational Psychology.

She has spent many years developing, implementing and presenting personal healing and wellness programs for people wishing to grow beyond the norm in this world. Her expertise in the areas of Training & Development, Group Facilitation and Management Development are highly recognized amongst her peers.


Karen Popoff
Karen Popoff
Karen Popoff

About Karen’s Talents

Karen displayed an incredible gift of psychic and healing ability early in childhood.


How I Can Help

My pledge is to help you create long-term, sustainable change!



Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

I look back at the beginning of our time together and define my utter ignorance as bliss at the pure unadulterated success that lay before me.  I am forever grateful to Karen for her time and gentle guidance.

Crystal Wells

Witchita, Kansas

Those 8 hours were the beginning of a beautiful transformation that has touched into every aspect of my life. Not only am I moving closer to my goals because of this class, but I am getting there faster and with greater ease

Cara E. Anderson

Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the gift of your extra time.  I feel it in my heart. I witnessed you’ve truly accepted your amazing Power and rejoice in using it!


Vancouver, BC