Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching is great tool to use when you wish to get really focused and clear on what it is you want for yourself and how you will go about achieving that.

It is a wonderful way to get really centred, to hone your skills, to rediscover and uncover your strengths and to clear the blocks that stand between you and your success.

Coaching is a tool used by the powerful and successful in this world and it is available to you! Fortune 500 companies, performers, executives, athletes, and others use coaching to take themselves to the next level. They recognize the power of having someone, outside of themselves and their family and friends, take a look at what they are doing in their lives and help them to transcend blocks that are preventing them from attaining their greatest life ever.

As The Transformationalist™, Karen Popoff takes coaching to a whole new level. She works as your Transformation Coach™, as an impartial support and gentle catalyst leading you gracefully into your transformation. She will help you to course correct and tweak the areas in your life, that are out of alignment, areas blocking you from reaching your goals and she will help you to attain that which you are reaching for, quicker and more efficiently, helping your to feel empowered throughout the process.

Karen Popoff will create a tailor-made, unique Transformation Coaching™ process and package just for you. The package will be based upon who you are, what your needs are and where you would like to go within the Transformation Coaching™ process.

Karen will help you to release old and ineffective methods of functioning in your world, so that you can embrace a new perspective, a new paradigm, a new you, as she helps you to create a whole new approach to your life.

Working with Karen has a magical quality to it, where change happens ‘almost’ without effort. It is important for each client to understand that they are ultimately the drivers of their own destiny. Karen merely helps them to decipher their map. Your success depends upon you and your efforts and always will.

Karen simply makes the journey more fun, interesting, powerful, imaginative and transformative. She will help you to achieve the gold medal of success and transformation in your life, leading to feelings of happiness, satisfaction and pride in your own transformation.