About Karen

Karen is a leader in the fields of Intuitive Sciences and Vibrational Psychology.

She is a world-renowned Professional Psychic and Healer and has been credited with an uncanny and keen sense of awareness. Karen has a brilliant style of communication and truth telling ability. Her clarity and precision have been instrumental in assisting thousands of people to break through limiting beliefs and to break free of ways of being that have not supported them well in their lives. She leads people into their own personal transformation, helping them to learn to live their lives as who they truly are; their authentic self.

Karen emphasizes the need for each person to claim and maintain his, or her own, personal power and therefore teaches people how to harness their power and grow into the Grand Spiritual Beings that they are meant to be.

Karen Popoff
Karen Popoff

About Karen’s Talents

Coming from a long lineage of Russian intuitives, it came as no surprise to anyone that Karen displayed an incredible gift of psychic and healing ability early in childhood. Her ability to see and understand the energy of the future and her innate ability to heal and transform people’s lives, became quickly evident.

As an adult Karen continued to develop her powerful skill of reading and wielding energy, to create change, healing and transformation. Her ability to inspire a paradigm shift of transformation in people, when nothing else seemed to be helping these people, is one of the reasons she has loyal clients all over the world!

Karen knows that the true magic in her work lies in her ability to gently expose The Truth, which is the root of all healing. The Truth is used as a release point for her clients, which helps to activate healing of the emotional, physical, spiritual and/or mental pain that they are experiencing in their lives.

In addition to offering private and group sessions, Karen has developed several powerful, life changing programs which run throughout the year.

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There is Magic and Power in The Truth. This is the Science of Transformation™. Karen Popoff is The Bringer of Truth. Karen Popoff is The Transformationalist™.