Psychic Readings

Having a session with Karen is truly a life awakening moment.

When Karen first begins to work with you, either in person, or remotely, you will notice a deep calmness all around you. The calmness that you begin to feel comes as a result of the placement of an energetic protection system that she uses before working with anyone.

This energetic protection system is a love force of the universe and feels remarkably familiar for most people. This protection is set in place to provide a safe energetic space in which to work. It is acknowledged that this world has both negative and positive influences. The energetic protection system allows the positive to enter and prevents the negative from intruding on the session space.

Once the protection system is set in place Karen will begin her work with you. Although you might find yourself filled with questions that you want Karen to answer, you will be asked to refrain from asking those questions until the end of the reading. Once the reading has been given, if you still find your questions have gone unanswered (very unlikely) you will then be given the opportunity to ask your questions.

It is Karen’s belief that giving her your questions prior to the reading will dilute your trust of the information that she gathers from your energy. Karen does not play the question-and-answer game, feeding you back what you want to hear.

The whole focus of the reading is to identify what has been happening in your life and energy, where you are now in your energy and what potential lays ahead for you. She helps bring your choices forward and illuminates how to get to your potential more easily and effortlessly. She will help by giving you the map/plan to help you to fulfill your destiny.

For the entire reading Karen’s focus is upon the truth for you. You will not have your fantasies fed back to you in the reading. Karen will always tell you the truth. The truth will set you free and will allow you to transform your life.

Karen’s belief is that a person is always given choice and within that choice lies their potential to succeed, or not. This is called Free Will. We all have Free Will. We can choose to do our journey, or not. We can choose to live our lives, reaching towards our potential, or not. If we choose to avoid living our lives fully, we will simply remain stuck in a cycle that is non-productive until we make a conscious choice to change.

When working with Karen, a person will begin to see that they are brought to a crossroads of sorts. This crossroad is where they must make a decision whether they will continue along the path they are already on, or whether they will allow a shift in paradigm for themselves, which will then allow them to achieve what their Spirit wants them to achieve, which can move them in a whole new direction.

All areas of your life will be looked at, including the areas of career, relationships, finances, health (always follow up with your medical professional), your Spirit’s journey and your reason for being here in this life.

Karen will not discuss a person’s time to die. As with all areas of a person’s life, death is involved in the areas of Free Will. It is often difficult to predict the choice that a person might make when faced with their own death and thus predicting death is unnecessary. We all have a choice to continue to live our lives, as spirit directs, or to die/exit to return in another life to try again. It is Karen’s choice to help people to choose life rather than to focus upon an eventual death.

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