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Karen Popoff

I have had the privilege of working with Karen over an extended period of time.  Through this time, I have made discoveries I didn’t know existed.  Many conversations moved me through a space that I didn’t know was there…problems that weren’t even apparent.  The relief that I feel after a meeting with Karen can’t be explained with words.  I gather excitement for my future and tools to excel in this lifetime.  I look back at the beginning of our time together and define my utter ignorance as bliss at the pure unadulterated success that lay before me.  I am forever grateful to Karen for her time and gentle guidance.

Crystal Wells

Witchita, Kansas

Every couple of years I contact Karen to have a reading. It often helps reset my psyche and help work through any issues I’m having at the time. It always amazes me how spot on Karen is with her (for lack of a better term) predictions.

During this particular reading Karen kept going back to me possibly coming into an inheritance. I actually laughed out loud because to my knowledge there was absolutely no possibility of this happening anywhere in my life. She also kept bringing up the fact that she saw legal documents and quite often when she sees this, it would involve maybe something to do with an ICBC claim. – I had never been in any type of car accident.

Much to my surprise, within months of the reading, I did in fact inherit a significant amount of money and was in a car accident that was 100% not my fault. I also received a settlement from ICBC. Both of these scenarios allowed me to buy my first home. When I think about it, it still amazes me!

I just wanted to share that my experiences with Karen are always positive and have helped me through many difficult times. I will absolutely continue to work with Karen and would recommend her to anyone that may need a slight tune up 🙂

Thank you Karen!

Jennifer Brunt

Vancouver, BC

Hi Karen! Just a quick note to say THANK YOU again for the amazing session yesterday.

I do feel different, like the huge hopelessness and negative state is somehow far away. I am happy to leave it far, far away!  Since I have been able to shift my perspective, I believe I can now (finally) Dream up a new phase of my life, that seemed almost impossible to begin before.

I was amazed at the comfort level of trust I felt with you and was (almost) surprised at the level of truth sharing I did.  I am grateful for that, understanding that was needed for the level of clearing and healing I did.

Thank you for the gift of your extra time.  I feel it in my heart. I witnessed you’ve truly accepted your amazing Power and rejoice in using it!

I’m happy to be a part of the Community you’re building.


Vancouver, BC

The workshop Dreams Do come True! provided a powerful way to start the year. During the session I was able to get really clear about what I want in my life and Karen helped me to understand some areas that were blocked.
I really enjoyed making my vision board – I look at it every day and it helps me to stay focused on my goals. I also really enjoyed the meditations that Karen gave. They were unique and really offered me a sense of what it feels like be calm and prosperous. I use this meditation often now.
I will definitely do this workshop again!

Laura Dosanjh

Karen, I just listened to your reading again….have to say you’re one of the best healers out there (ok you are not allowed to raise your price after that comment !!) It’s going to be a journey …good news is I am on my way!
Will be in touch soon. 


Karen Popoff, The Transformationalist, keeps you engaged and enables you to be present in the moment and gently transforms you to finding the peace within yourself. Many reputable institutions, including Harvard Medical school, advocate mind/body medicine as a part of your health care and as a Naturopathic Physician, I highly recommend The Transformationalist program no matter what your stress level, this course of help is a must to enable you to heal from the inside and out.” Dr. Nigma Talib ND (West Vancouver Wellness Centre)

“Wow Karen!!! You look and sound great! The videos you put out are very powerful! Seeing, feeling my acreage and all the perks in my price range! Thanks for the assistance. Again!!! I’ll be recommending these videos and your services at my workshops and to my clients for sure. Congratulations!

John Roberts

I look forward to talking with you and working with you again. I have written so many draft emails for you that never quite seemed to be the words I was searching for but the essence of it is that I am so deeply grateful for you, the work you do, the space you hold. it truly has transformed my life again and again.


Victoria, BC

As I mentioned in one of our calls, I am working with a large organization that has a focus on environmental and social justice the world. We are taking the organization through a process of transformation, both internally and externally.

We are holding a think tank in Scotland and are inviting a few guests to inspire and assist in our process. I would like to recommend you for this. All of your expenses would be covered. I obviously understand if you cannot for whatever reason attend, however I would be so pleased if you considered this opportunity.

Let me know if this interests you and if you would like to further discuss the opportunity.




Hi Karen, I just heard from my mom this morning after her Dr appointment. She had a Ct scan and gallium a few weeks ago. There is no sign of cancer!!!! It’s amazing news!!

Thank you for your healing work with mom and ultimately our family…

P.S. One piece of information mom passed along later when I talked to her is that there is still a 5cm mass left. However, there is no sign of cancer. They will be monitoring it over time. Regardless, she is very happy and claiming miracles happen. 🙂

Colleen Goertz

Calgary, AB

Thank you, Karen! I am positive that your wonderful energy has set me forth on this path and I intend on staying with it.


Vancouver, BC

I wanted to personally thank you, for the work we did at the Sunday Leadership workshop.The work helped me make a very important decision, thatI had been struggling with. I am really excited about my future. Thank you for being you, you make a difference!


Vancouver, BC

Karen, I saw you recently at a session where you were helping people understand where they were blocked and how to overcome the block. I have to say that you were amazing to watch and listen to! In as little as 8 minutes you were able to help a person transform right there and then! Thank you for your work. You are a gift to us all.


Vancouver, BC

Thank you Karen for all your loving support and work with and for me. I will never forget you enduring love and fight for correctness. You have paved a road of light and hope for me along this healing path.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Karen, I am so impressed with the skill with which you work to uncover the real issue. What you did in the first 15 minutes of my session, uncovered more than what my therapist has uncovered in 8 months of weekly sessions. Thank you.


Vancouver, BC

Hello Karen: I want to thank you for that excellent phone session I had with you a couple of weeks ago. I felt the value I received was definitely worth the investment. You really helped me sort out the various components that were contributing to the turmoil I had going on with my emotional, mental and physical health.

With your perspectives I was able to much more clearly segregate the various internal and external contributors to each one of the areas and utilize many of your suggestions to correct the conditions. I actually felt a significant positive step change in wellness start to
happen during my session with you and it has continued to improve from there.

Thanks again for your gracious assistance!

Bill Tanghe

I have seen Karen on several occasions for both psychic readings and transformation sessions. I have found them to be of great value. As a counselor myself I am always on the search for insights into my own emotional and spiritual blocks. Karen is a gifted healer and has a unique ability to expose areas in need of healing. Her insight allowed me to see these areas and as well as see my giftedness; areas where I could develop my strengths.

Susan Forest

Vancouver, BC

I am a client of Karen’s every time I am at an impasse in my development. Karen is precise and concise in assisting me to uncover what is blocking my healing. I appreciate her loving and focused approach.


Burnaby, BC

After our session not only did I feel strong and healthy, but it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me. Karen helped me to see the path that I knew was there but was so obscured by others expectations and needs of me. She gave me the tools to work towards creating my dreams and the self-confidence to keep going.

Fighting the negative thoughts that would creep in while waiting for the diagnosis was the hardest part. But working with Karen wasn’t just about faith in the power of positive thinking or by regurgitating some affirmations. I clearly felt a powerful energy shift pulling me forward.

The diagnosis came back benign, which was absolutely fabulous! But I also have a plan in place for my future that I’m really excited about. Thanks Karen.

Kerri C.

Calgary, AB

I know Karen now for more than 10 years. I still remember some concrete statements from her, which had an important impact to shift my awareness and my perspective. Karen is a very funny person and an upright psychic, who works with an open heart. She truly wants to support the person, who is requesting her advice. Her distance work is as valuable and concrete as a personal appointment. I am glad that I met Karen in my life.



Karen has positively influenced my life by creating a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence. Her insight and knowledge has helped me rediscover my focus and challenge me to look at problems and opportunities in a fresh new way that I have put into play in all aspects of my life. Karen makes learning fun, she is practical, down to earth and my trust in her is why I continue to refer her to my friends and contacts.


Vancouver, BC

Each one of Karen’s readings was very accurate and helped me a lot to make decisions for the future


Silverton, BC

REM State where Dreams Come True-fantastic course Thank you Karen! What Dreams may come…

Jennifer Scott-Reid

Calgary, AB

This was, without a doubt, one of the most provocative and revealing classes on manifestation I have ever attended. Karen’s straight forward approach to uncovering blocks and gaining insight into the truth are downright profound.

I walked away with confidence and a profound sense of knowingness about myself and my place in the world. Those 8 hours were the beginning of a beautiful transformation that has touched into every aspect of my life. Not only am I moving closer to my goals because of this class, but I am getting there faster and with greater ease.

Thanks Karen!

Cara E. Anderson

Vancouver, BC

Hello Karen! Thank You! My work with you has been nothing short of amazing! I wanted you to know that I am managing my cravings so much better now and I haven’t reached for the usual crutch to handle my feelings since seeing you. I am so grateful. Although I still have a ways to go, I do know that I am now on the right path and I will win this battle once and for all. Thank you.”

Anne your fan! 

Karen, I just listened to your reading again….have to say you’re one of the best healers out there (ok you are not allowed to raise your price after that comment)!! 

Will be in touch soon. 


Vancouver, BC

Karen Popoff holds a position of knowledge and insight that is unlike others that I have encountered.

I recently participated in her new “Dreams do come true” class and the energetics of the class set me into a trajectory of manifesting that which I intended and it’s been fantastic!

I have also worked with Karen in personal sessions. Her directness and clear sight was couched in tender support. It was a session that catapulted me into the next phase of deep healing that I have been craving.

I would encourage anyone who is wanting to take the risk and step into all that is possible to work with Karen!

Toni Provins

Karen’s workshop helped me to create a more focused vision board than I have done in other group settings in the past. She also provides specific tools, including coaching calls to help keep us all on track, which I find very valuable.

Robyn McTague

I loved Karen’s Dreams Do Come True workshop! I came in with a lot of ideas and thoughts about what I wanted to manifest, and also a number of blocks, questions and uncertainties.

Through the tools and knowledge Karen shared, her own insights, and the activities, I found a great sense of focus, clarity, passion, and also release of areas that were holding me stuck.

Karen is a gifted facilitator who shares from her own experience and growth, and I would not hesitate to take this workshop, and others Karen may offer, again.

Thanks, and I look forward to the Group Coaching call on Tuesday

Bryony Hollick

I wanted to say thank you to you for sharing your wonderful insights and knowledge. January has been a very challenging month for me and I am glad it is over. I look to February with new hope, and gentler learning lessons.

Your daily notes have been a great help to me and inspirational. From my very grateful heart, Thank you Karen.

Rozina Ferrer-Haskett

Thank you Karen for sharing your work! It’s brilliant, inspiring and I love the power work coming through the media form! I hope all of your dreams come true!!!


I just listened to the seminar that you held on creating your own reality. I just wanted to thank you for your brilliance. Really, your word usage, what you are saying, the depth of your clarity is truly awesome. You described me to a tee, and the honesty with which you do that is amazing. Anyway I just wanted to thank you. Sometimes I feel we don’t speak our gratitude and as I continue to create my reality, I will do it with Source and Gratitude by my side. I love you very much and thank you so much for being you


Victoria, BC

Thanks Karen… I just wanted to tell you that you are a truly gifted person and will be in my life forever! My fears come up in the readings as I am sure you can feel because you tell me the deepest truth. I feel myself coming so much into my own power as a women. When you told me at the beginning about how I get intuitive flashes and my mind takes over… well after I hung up the phone I changed careers and I am going into a new field of medicine that is so cutting edge and something that fills me up with passion and aliveness. I am enrolling in the school today that I have been putting off for a month out of fear that my intuition was wrong.

Things you told me 8 years ago and the readings after that are all happening! I can’t believe it…..it is so weird too because two days before I called you, you popped into my head as well….I feel my sensitivity/intuition strengthening. You told me 4 years ago that my energy is so incredibly strong in guiding me…..wow….do I ever know what you are talking about now.

I love working with you Karen and you will be my mentor for life.


California, USA

Once again I find myself at a cross roads in my life and I need your insight to help me to come to some decisions for myself. It has been 2 years since I last saw you and I definitely feel it has been way too long!


Vancouver, BC

Thank you from the greatest love in my heart for what you offered my mother and I today. I will forever have a special place for this day and a deep appreciation for what you are offering this plane.


Vancouver, BC

Thank you for your wisdom and gentleness. You have helped me through some of my most challenging times.


Vancouver, BC

Karen your work never ceases to amaze me. I am sending another of my friends to see you because I know that you are the best person to help her at this time in her life. Thank you for the work you do. Thank you for who you are.

Teo P.

Vancouver, BC

I came and saw you in April and what you helped me see that I was doing to myself is helping me try to bring joy back into my life. Thank-you.

My sister is going through a really tough time and I think that you would hopefully be able to help her. I have discussed it with her, and I would like to pay for her to have a healing / transformation session with you.

I will put her in touch with you to set her appointment. Thank you again.


Vancouver, BC

First let me thank you for the very inspiring read you gave me, it was nice to be filled with hope again. I know someone who is currently having some troubles and would like to book an appointment for a reading for them. This may be the help they need and might give them “hope” and motivation for this crucial period of their life, like it did for me. Thank you.


Victoria, BC

My Name is Melissa and I live in Toronto. I recently had some issues come up that I sort of knew what they were, but was feeling stuck and was having difficulty getting clarity on where I was and how to get out of it. I booked a session with Karen on the phone and during this session Karen very gently showed me where I was, and helped me to understand how I had gotten there. In a very masterful way, she showed me the light so that I could choose a new path for myself and let go of what was no longer serving me and in truth holding me back. I have been able to apply what she provided to many aspects of my life and as a healer been able to shift my perspective so that I may in turn assist those that are my clients and such with a similar dynamic. Thank you Karen. When I want precision you are the one I will come to.
Love + Light


Toronto, ON

Over the years I have received many readings. Karen’s insight took me deeper. I listen to the tape often. I benefit so much each time I listen…and continue to be inspired.

Betina Lindsey

Springdale, Utah, USA

Karen was recommended by a friend. I had never had a reading and did not know what to expect. I was rather cautious, but thawed out after a few
minutes. The reading helped me to refocus, made me think and got me back on track. A needed tune-up.



For the past four months, every day I feel like I have won the Lotto 649! Let me tell you why.

On June 15, my doctor notified me that I had uterine cancer. It is hard to describe the feelings I had upon hearing that I had cancer. The doctor must have seen it on my face because she quickly gave me a sedative. Such a lonely, dark place it is to be. I remember driving home but quite honestly I don’t remember the next few days. Maybe it is the body’s instinct for survival that causes me to forget but I am glad to forget those days.

In a capsule, the next few days I spent lots of time praying and going to the chapel in my church. God put a lot of wonderful people in my path to help support me. One of these people was Karen Popoff. Through a friend of a friend I got Karen’s phone number. I made an appointment and went to see Karen on July 9, 2005. Karen’s energy healing revealed many hurtful things in my past and I am sure helped put me on a healing path. How Karen did the
healing is not as important as how I felt after the session. I felt happy, not as heavy, restful and full of hope. I never looked back. My surgery didn’t take place until August 10 so I continued with a strict diet, herbal medicines and lots of praying.

On August 10th, I had my surgery which included a complete hysterectomy. A week later, the doctor called me and told me that the lab did not find cancer in my uterus! I broke down and cried because, in my eyes, I had just won the Lotto 649!!!

I will still have to go for check ups every 3 months and I will continue to follow my strict diet but I feel stronger every day.

Thank you Karen
Love and blessings,


Vancouver, BC

Wow! Karen can get to the heart of the matter quicker than anyone else – she is correct, direct and clear in her communication. A rarity in this world.


Salmon Arm, BC

There is Magic and Power in The Truth. This is the Science of Transformation™. Karen Popoff is The Bringer of Truth. Karen Popoff is The Transformationalist™.