Energy Healings

When a person books an Energy Healing, they are really booking an experience of love, light, energy, and a deeper sense of self.

In a holistic sense, healings address all states of the human being and Spirit self.

We are much more than matter. Each of us has a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energetic system. These energetic systems are referred to as the Etheric System.

When our etheric system is working in harmony, we have health on all levels. When the system goes into a misalignment, a state of dis-ease begins to show. This is when people begin to experience dis-ease in their mental, emotional and/or physical lives. Di-ease is a symptom of a breakdown in communication between what our Spirit wants/needs us to do and what our mental self does.

When the Spirit is speaking and the mental is not listening, the Spirit goes into a state of unease. It is this state of unease that hooks onto the emotional baggage each of us carries. When this hook occurs, disease, or minimally a state of unwellness, can manifest.

Working as a ‘Medical Intuitive’, Karen brings in her transformational techniques, to assist her clients to understand what the Spirit’s unease is about and where it is locked. She helps to communicate the Spirit’s needs to the mental self and thus provides an avenue for healing.

Using her psychic abilities, Karen can help to identify the energetic lock caused by the Spirit’s state of unease and then she helps to identify why it is hooked in and what the emotional wound is that locked it on. Once this is identified, Karen will help to release the hook and remove the blockage of energy, creating a clearer pathway through which wellness may return.

It takes energy, to move energy and that is what occurs in the healing work done by Karen. She uses the holy energy of All That Is Good, also known as God, Source and The Universe and she helps clear the blocks preventing wellness in your life. She will assist in releasing the blocks that are identified, so that you may begin to heal and repair on a deep personal level.

*Please note, Karen cannot, nor will she ever, promise her clients that she will ‘cure’ them. Results vary from client to client. Although many people have reported that they have experienced amazing improvements working with Karen, your eventual health cannot be predicted nor promised.