How I Can Help

Karen Popoff

“My pledge is to help you create long-term, sustainable change!”

– Karen Popoff

Using my gifts as an Intuitive Healer, I can help you to banish your ‘sad’, so that you can live your ‘happy’! Isn’t it time for you to live the life of your dreams?

Whether you choose to work with me in a private session, or by attending one of my lectures or programs, your choice to work with me will revolutionize your life! Contact me today, I can help you!

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What Is a Transformationalist™?

The name  ‘The Transformationalist™ ’was given to Karen because of her innate ability to help people transform their lives.


Transformation Sessions

Transformation sessions are perfect for anyone who is seeking change, ready for change and who knows they are ready for more joy and success in their life! 


Transformation Coaching

A great tool to use when you wish to get really focused and clear on what it is you want for yourself and how you will go about achieving that.

Tarot cards

Psychic Readings

Having a session with Karen is truly a life awakening moment. When Karen first begins to work with you, you will begin to notice a deep calmness all around you.


Energy Healings

When a person books a healing, they are really booking an experience of love, light, energy, and a deeper sense of self.



There is Magic and Power in The Truth. This is the Science of Transformation™. Karen Popoff is The Bringer of Truth. Karen Popoff is The Transformationalist™.