I was asked by a curious person why my clients believe that their lives are transformed through the work that they do with me. This is an interesting question to respond to.

I could be quick to reply with a generic answer that I am just really connected to my clients and their needs through my intuitive skills, which I have honed throughout my life, and that is why I am good at what I do.

Although this response would in part be true, it is not the full answer because I am not alone in the work that I do.

Much like the response that James Taylor gave when asked how a song comes together for him. He answered, “There is music all around all the time. Usually I just start with an idea and I follow it wherever it goes. I feel more like, rather than being the person who writes the song, I feel like I’m just the first person to hear it.”

As an Intuitive Healer I am the messenger between my clients’ unconscious and their conscious self. Like James Taylor, I too feel like I am the first person to hear what my client needs to know and my song is the healing that comes through the words I speak to them in that moment.

Often my clients have been around the block with counselling, therapy and coaching, without reaching the results they are craving. This is usually when they land on my doorstep. I am blessed with the gift to see through to the unconscious blocks that people hold, individually and/or collectively, that keep their unconscious cycles repeating.

As soon as I see the block or blocks, I immediately hear the words that I need to speak to the person whom I am helping. In the moment that I speak what I am hearing, the person, often for the very first time, hears the truth that needed exposure. This is when their healing happens; this is when their transformation takes place.

There is magic and power in The Truth; this is The Science of Transformation!

Karen Popoff
The Transformationalist