Change brings with it some unusual phenomenon. One day you are living one life and the very next your life takes a turn in an unexpected direction.

Sometimes that direction feels fantastic and sometimes we feel like yelling at the Universe; wondering why this turn of events is taking place.

The key is to realize that this too will change. Nothing ever stays the same. Every turn of events somehow dovetails towards a bigger picture that isn’t always clear to us as the observer.

As I reflect upon my life I remember the many times when I was so disappointed with the changes that happened unexpectedly. I have had many angry conversations with God wondering why things were happening to me.

Although the pain of the sudden change was at times very excruciating, I now understand the wisdom of that change and I remember that I survived. I have learned to appreciate and respect my dreams even more. When facing the possibility of never having your dreams come true, it is amazing how much conviction one can drum up to make sure that one’s dreams are never let go of; no matter what.

Today when I face change, I’m still not as accepting as I could be with some of the events that take place but I do understand the importance of what is happening.

I understand that when I embark on an energetic of creating a dream, there are many things that need to be moved and changed to make room for that dream to come true and I also know I am not always the one to decide what those changes need to be.

Sometimes the view is only visible to my Spirit and to God/The Universe and sometimes I get no say on the way my dream will come to be. I have to surrender to the process and know that no matter what, I will arrive safely at my destination as long as I just keep moving forward.

This is a huge lesson in love for oneself and a love and respect for living a life of truth. It is an act of surrender to The Truth because without truth we have no foundation to build our dreams upon. It is the need for truth that clears out anything that conflicts with that truth so that we can live our dreams authentically.

I encourage you to learn to lean on The Truth and embrace change with me. I also encourage you to recognize that if you are always looking for sameness in your life, you are looking for the unnatural. Change is natural even when we think it shouldn’t be happening! Such is the nature of evolution, such is the nature of life. 

Karen Popoff
The Transformationalist